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Have you been in those situations, tough ones, when you need a hand?

Everyone at some point finds themself thinking, Where did all your money go?

And usually, there are still some bills to pay.

Exactly at those times is when you wish someone would come to your aid. Well, you are in luck! Payday Loans is the helping hand you need, and we in Boone, North Carolina, are ready to save you!

Moreover, many institutions will refuse to help just because you may have a bad credit score. Well my friend, worry no more. We are not interested in your score, payday loans are for those who need them, even if their credit history is not the best.

Perhaps a big event is coming up and you need some extra cash. Or an unexpected emergency arrives and you need to spend more than you have planned.

These are all situations where fast payday loans are life saviors!

But let’s be positive, even if you are not looking to cover the bills or facing an emergency.

Maybe you have been planning a purchase for a while and you are so close.

Do not wait any more, we offer the best payday loans so you can finally make up your mind on that thing you want.

This is huge, you can start enjoying that asset you wanted now! And then pay later on with your next salary.

You can lean on us for Payday Loans, we are a short drive away!.

There are so many options and complicated texts on the web. You probably have searched for Payday Loans near me, and a plethora of results arrive. That can make you feel overwhelmed.

But hey, with our store we are approachable, close and familiar. You can trust us, we are part of the community. And we proud ourselves on that!

Payday Loans Boone, North Carolina Super Easy to Get!

There is so much talk on rates and terms, but we believe, everything should be simpler.

After all, we want to make you feel secure and welcome.

All our services circle around helping the community.

When the common folk needs a little financial support for any reason, we are that help.

So let me tell you in simple and easy terms how the process works with us.

To make the process as smooth as possible, and for you to get your money quicker, here are some considerations.

It is necessary for you to have ready a couple of things, this is mainly for security and efficiency purposes.

We need to identify you, so an ID is required. In order to find out how much we can lend you, we need to know your income. For that, you can present a paper to verify how much you make. Your employer can easily provide you with that, you just have to ask.

And that is almost all! Quite simple!

Then we start the process, which also, takes no time at all.

After we have determined the amount of your loan we will ask you for a post-dated check.

No worries, this is for paying off the loan once your next salary arrives.

There is also the option of requesting the payday loans online, in which case the money will be debited directly for your account, then again, once your salary arrives. So nothing to worry about!

Now let’s reiterate and be more specific in the exact forms and credentials you will need,

  • As we mentioned before, an ID and social security number (or alien registration number or ITIN)
  • We will need an address and your phone number
  • That record which verifies your income
  • The information on your open checking account

Fast payday loans have saved me so many times! Whether it was your landlord coming down to knock on your door or cable bills. The payroll sometimes gets delayed but the bills do not!

So for those situations, our store is the hero you have been wanting.

Super agile process and you get the money you need that same day!

Do not let anyone stay on your heels, lay on us to pay your bills on time and always!

Emergency expenses are the worst! Maybe a family member got the flu, or your truck started making weird noises. There are things that cannot wait! Because otherwise, they grow worse and more expensive.

That is why we present the best online payday loans so you can have everything fixed right away! And then everything will be covered by your next salary.

We Give the Best Payday Loans Online Services in Boone in North Carolina

How would you feel to get your Payday Loan right from the comfort of your house?

Now you can do exactly that!

We provide the best online payday loans you could find. The process is just as simple but even easier because you can do it from home!

there are many situations that may have you unable to leave your house. Perhaps you simply do not have the time! A dilemma easily solved with our fast payday loans that you can get online!

Payday Loans, Is There Other Options?

  • Using your credit card! But the card should not be maxed out for this to work
  • Online lenders! But this is a hard sale for most. They require a pretty high credit score so if you are lacking there, this may not be for you.
  • There are bodies called Credit Unions, maybe there is a local one near you, something you could look into.
  • Have you considered selling your old stuff on the internet? This is an interesting option.
  • Another online option is sites that offer credits and gift cards, maybe even your favorite YouTuber is giving a couple away.
  • Reaching out to your local authorities sometimes helps, but this is for more extreme situations. Hopefully, you will not face something as harsh for someone from the government to actually come to check out on the situation.
  • Groceries tend to be super costly so you may save a couple bucks by buying from small markets
  • There are some groups around that lend money on short term arrangements.

You Will Get Your Money Super Fast!

Boone in North Carolina bad credit loans

Everything from the list above is an option, some may work better than others. It all depends on your specific situation.

One thing needed to point out is the biggest advantage Payday loans in Boone of North Carolina


This is referring to the time factor, many times when you run out of money, you are in a pinch.

There is no time for trying to sell your old coffee maker on the internet or try to find some communities nearby.

By coming to our Payday Loan store in Boone, NC you get the money that same day!

Once you have the funds in your hands then you can go and think of other options. At that point, you can pay whatever it was you needed. And without that burden go ahead and explore other options.

Even our online payday loan option is fast! It may take up to a couple of days to process but that's still better than trying to reach someone from your local representatives.

Moreover, you can come across bad credit loans. When dealing with associations or just selling stuff on amazon, you do not always know how smooth it all will go.

At our store, you can be confident that we are here to serve you.

Payday Loans in Boone, North Carolina: Let’s clarify some general points

1. How much do Boone North Carolina payday loan costs?

For a payday loan, you will be charged approximately $17.67 for every $100 you loan. That means the total repayment cost of a $100 loan that is due in the next 14 days would be $117.67

2. Can one renew payday loans in Boone, North Carolina?

Renewal is not available in Boone in North Carolina

3. How does one repay a payday loan?

  • By post-dated check when taking the loan for repayment. Your paper check will be turned into an electronic check for presentation to your bank. You can opt for your paper check to be deposited rather than presented electronically.
  • Fully repay in cash at our store in Boone North Carolina before the due date.
  • Use your credit card to fully repay the loan
  • Use your debit card to repay the loan online
  • Use your debit card to repay the loan over the phone.

4. Do you need good credit to get a payday loan in Boone of North Carolina?

Good credit is not a requirement

5. Can you get a payday loan if you don’t live in Boone, NC?

Our store is located in Boone, North Carolina but if you live in the state of North Carolina we can most certainly help you!

There are many options for people who live outside of Boone, or just cannot physically come to the store. Online Payday loans are a great option for you if that is your situation.

Just contact us through our website or by phone so we can help you figure this out.

If you live in any other state you can surf the internet for Payday Loans near me, and find your nearest local Payday loan store.

6. How do you determine your loan date?

The date when your payment is due will be set on the agreement for the Payday loan.

In the case that your next payday falls within 9 days from the date you take out the loan, you have the chance to repay on the following payday. The maximum loan term per North Carolina law is 31 days.

Loan Types Benefits

It's the sort of credit you take when different emergencies happen. There are such examples as medical bills, house maintenance, car repair, etc. Of course, each customer has his own purpose.

Online Installment Loans
  • Loans up to $5.000
  • No store visit required
  • Flexible repayment periods
  • Safe and secure neighborhood locations
  • Funds deposited into your account
Online Title Loans
  • Loans up to $15.000
  • No store visit required
  • Quick approval
  • Keep your car
  • Funds deposited into your account
Online Payday Loans
  • Loan up to $1.200
  • Quick in-store approvals
  • Pay back on your next pay day
  • Neighborhood locations
  • Same day cash
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